Body Pride is a program of the National Eating Disorder Information Centre, Canada’s oldest non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and resources on eating disorders and food and weight preoccupation.

At NEDIC, we know that body-based bullying and a focus on appearance can have harmful effects on youth. That’s why we created Body Pride – an accessible, engaging and interactive program for youth and educators. We have designed workshops that address body-image, self-esteem and critical media literacy, available for in school presentations or online. Body-based bullying affects over 50% of youth, and can be triggering to those at risk for developing eating disorders.  By helping school communities develop positive environments that are welcoming of every body, we can work towards making a difference.

To learn more about NEDIC and our other programs, visit us at or give us a call at 1-866-NEDIC-20 or 416-340-4156 (in Toronto). 

To support our work, please visit the online donation page.